Draw Out Your Creativity

Experimental Drawing Weekend
For complete beginners to the more confident

12-14 October 2018
The Peak District

Great for: A tech-free escape in natural surroundings, with the support to explore your creativity in a playful atmosphere, whatever your experience.

Not ideal for: Anyone looking to learn the ‘rules’ of drawing.

Taking part in a creative weekend can be a refreshing and liberating experience.

Shake off any doubts or worries you might have about having to be ‘good at art’. Instead, expect to be part of an exciting and creative space where you’ll be inspired to explore.

Let your creative juices flow on this weekend led by artist and educator Amanda Allan from CreativeBloc, and set your imagination free through exploring the art of drawing without any hard and fast rules.

This weekend will encourage you to trust your imagination, intuition and sense of play!

More details coming very soon.

If you’d like to know more as soon as details are finalised, please pop a message in the box below, mentioning Draw out your creativity.